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About Us.

Your Island Connection is a family business that has been managing private oceanfront rental homes & cottages in the Harpswell Islands area of Midcoast Maine since 1982. Throughout those years we have grown from only a few cottages to the more than fifty homes & cottages that you see listed today. Building personal connections with owners and tenants is something we feel is an essential part of our business. At Your Island Connection you will find friendly, hardworking natives of the area who are proud of our fishing community. With that being said we are extremely knowledgeable of the area, whether it be where to dine or who to use as a repair person. We treat all of our homes like our own, we take pride in making sure they are clean, and in working order before each rental.

"I have been very happy working with Your Island Connection.  Not only were they helpful when I switched from another company to them, they have been able to find renters who have respected our property in much the same way we do.  Coming back after the renters leave and finding our place clean, neat and well cared for is one the best services Your Island Connection provides." 
                                                                                                                                                                              YIC Property Owner

What makes a home a good YIC vacation rental?

  • Location -  Our rental area is Harpswell, Bailey Island, Orr’s Island, Great Island, and Cundy’s Harbor.

  • Proximity to the water - Waterfront and/or Waterview properties are ideal rentals. However, we will consider properties that have nearby water access.

  • Contents - We have a list of items that we require each home to have to ensure the guests have everything they need while at your home. For example, a lobster pot, enough utensils & dishes, and a grill are a few items on the list.

  • Furniture & Beds - We strongly encourage that furniture and beds be in good shape, clean, and comfortable. Nothing worn out and unable to keep its shape.

  • Safety 1st - It is state law that we require smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and a fire extinguisher. Handrails, no exposed wires, and other various safety hazards also need to be addressed.  

  • Insurance - You must provide proof that your property has proper insurance for functioning as a rental.

  • Availability - We want to help you generate the highest income we can for your property. In order to do that we need the most availability you can give us, ideally that means letting us rent 6 out of 8 of the biggest peak weeks (July & August).

Are you interested in listing your home with us?

The first step to renting your home is to send us the following information to our email [email protected] or send via mail to PO Box 300, Bailey Island, ME 04003.

  • The Address of the property.

  • Owners Names and Contact Information (please include an email)

  • Multiple Photos.

  • A Description, please include how many bedrooms & bathrooms.

Once we receive this information we will review it, and then contact you to let you know if we have determined that it would be a good fit for our inventory and guests. We try to be selective about the homes we consider, as this ensures rentability so we can generate enough income to make it worth YOUR while to rent your property.

"We are so happy to have found Your Island Connection to manage our cottage on Bailey Island.  We started working with them late in the season and they have done a great job finding trustworthy and responsible renters, keeping the place clean and fixed up, and letting us know what they needed from us (which was very little!). They allowed us out of staters to have some peace of mind and know our property would be well taken care of.  Looking forward to many seasons ahead - thank you, Michaela and Heather!"
                                                                                                                                                                              YIC Property Owner